Tuesday, July 7, 2009

$Money-Saver$ Tip #1

I have been trying to get into the coupon groove lately. It's really hard for me, because I live in a small town with only two grocery stores, and not many free coupons in the mail. But I just found the coolest thing online! For anyone that shops at a store with a shopper's card, (like a Smith's Fresh Values Card, etc.) there are websites that will load the coupons directly onto your card so you don't have to have a hard copy with you. The bonus? Because they are loaded onto your shopper's card, they function as in-store coupons, and if you can find the manufacturers coupon in print, you can add those savings on top. I am so using this for diapers! Here's the sites I've found so far:
These sites are so cool. You just click on the coupons that you want, and it loads them onto your card. Then you print your list of coupons and shop away! Happy savings!

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